Taking Down the Texas Hold ‘Em Bully

Anyone who plays Texas hold ‘em has become familiar with the different types of players, no matter what their level of poker-playing skills; there is a different way to deal with each type of player and this holds true for the “bully” player who just loves to throw their weight and their big stack around to intimidate everyone at the table. If you are having trouble dealing with a Texas hold ‘em bully, these tips will help you get through the game.

Texas Hold ‘Em Bully Tip One – Understand With Whom You Are Dealing

First of all, it is crucial to understand with whom you are dealing. In most cases, the bully-type player will probably never make a conscious decision to stop playing in this style. Their entire game strategy revolves around them shoving bad pot odds on their competitors every chance they get.

The bully has come to the realization that they will sometimes lose a hand and a big amount of chips because they tend to make huge bets. This means there is no end in sight to your bully-player problem. The thing you must remember about this type of player is that they will jump on any chance they have to intimidate the people at their table.

Texas Hold ‘Em Bully Tip Two – Carefully Choose Your Battles

When you are playing against a bully, your game has to be super tight unless you feel comfortable enough to bet your stack when playing with weak cards. The best method of fighting against bullying tactics is to only play with excellent cards because many times the bully is using their cash to gain a foothold in the game instead of playing a great hand.

However, you will have to bet more frequently than you may be used to but you will feel more at ease doing so if you have decent pockets. Also, you may have to go ahead and take the punt even if you do not see the flop.

Texas Hold ‘Em Bully Tip Three – Become a Bully Too

If you do not want to play hands at a 1-10 ratio, it is time to consider taking an extremely-aggressive approach too. Go ahead and take the re-raising bully down by re-raising as a counter attack. In order to do so, you must have a fat stack of chips in your possession.

Keep in mind that aggressive playing is not a foolproof strategy. The usual outcome is that a random player at that table will lose because of bad luck and that player could be you. On the flip side, the entire table could continue to raise their bets. Remember, playing a solid game is always your best bet.

Texas Hold ‘Em Bully Tip Four – If All Else Fails . . .

If you are an online player or you can leave the table whenever you want, feel free to do so. Get in on another game with players who use less aggressive strategies.