Most Popular Casino Superstitions Revealed

Most gamblers know that a well-constructed strategy is the most crucial aspect of successful gambling. However, luck plays an essential role in any game. Even the best poker players in the world may lose a great deal of money in a single day if the cards are not favourable. For gamblers, luck and skill are often indistinguishable. Consequently, many players rely on superstitions for luck. Whether we call it superstition or something silly, we’ve put together this list of 10 common casino superstitions.

Lucky/Unlucky Numbers

The number 13 has traditionally been considered unlucky. It is considered unlucky not just in gambling but also in other contexts. While playing online casino games at online platforms like this Buitenlands online casino, players will often avoid the number 13. Traditional casinos in Las Vegas are aware of this superstition, and some large casinos skip the thirteenth floor when labelling their floors (jumping from 12 to 14). Similarly, most of the hotels in Sin City have rooms number not greater than 13.

Physical Actions

It’s typical for casino gamers to have a pattern they stick to increase their luck. Before a hand is dealt, a roulette wheel is spun, or the dice are thrown; this typically entails some physical motion. Here are a few well-known instances.

  • Fingers crossed
  • on the dice, blowing
  • a particular order of chip stacking
  • pounding on wood
  • requesting a card or number orally
  • kissing a partner

Using the Front Entrance

Although this superstition is somewhat less well-known, it is nevertheless expected. Some gamblers say it’s unfortunate to enter a casino through the front door because the bad luck of those leaving could rub off on you, especially if they have had an unsuccessful experience during their visit.

The disliking of a prior entry to the MGM Grand was connected to this superstition, especially among Chinese gamblers. It was considered extremely unfortunate and comparable to being devoured alive to have your face in the maw of an enormous lion. It was replaced in 1998, which is good news for people who didn’t like it.

Lucky/Unlucky Colors

Colours, like numbers, are frequently seen as indicators of good or bad luck. For instance, many people think the colour black is unlucky, maybe because of how closely it relates to death. On the other hand, red is frequently seen as a bright colour. This is especially true in Chinese culture, where many gamblers try to dress in red whenever they are betting.


It’s better to acknowledge the irrationality of superstitions and then go about your day or game in a way that won’t let these beliefs have too much sway over you. There is no guaranteed method for getting rich, winning the lottery at these non UK online casinos you should try, or getting lucky in anything involving the chance of the element of chance.

All in all, it’s probably best not to take your gambling superstitions too seriously. But as long as you don’t depend on them to win big, it certainly can’t hurt your chances of having a good time and maybe making some money.