Bingo In Canada: Changes To The Industry

Although bingo is most popular in the UK, it is also played in other countries worldwide, including Canada. But, like casino games and sports betting, Canadians have been limited to offshore operators for their bingo fix. This is because the Criminal Code of Canada prohibits all forms of gambling other than government-run lotteries and casinos.

Until now, Canadian bingo players have had to play at UK-based sites. These sites welcome overseas players and offer lucrative welcome bonuses for such players. If you are interested in bonuses, the suites you can find at this resource are available to utilize.

Bingo In Canada

The Canadian government has been working on regulating online bingo for several years. It is expected that legislation will finally be passed by the spring, allowing Canadian operators to launch their unique brands in the highly profitable Canadian market.

Recent reports of revisions to gambling law suggest that the Canadian government is laying the groundwork for a shift toward municipal licensing and creating a market for private gambling businesses to serve Canadian gamblers.

But how and why did this happen?

Canada has made several attempts over the past few decades to create a regulated gambling market. However, these efforts have been foiled by lawmakers. In the wake of the pandemic, and with a need to raise funds through taxes, and at the same time with an eye on the successful introduction of regulation by their neighbours to the south, Canada’s Members of Parliament have enacted a new law.

Private Members Bill C-218, which makes single-event sports betting legal, was ultimately approved and granted royal assent in the summer of 2021.

This is a turning point in Canadian gambling legislation history, with ramifications beyond the country’s decision to legalise sports betting. This not only paves the way for the opening up of the country to private betting firms to offer their full range of gambling products to Canadian residents, with fees paid in taxes or revenue share to the government, but it also enables the local government sites to offer sports markets to their customers.

888, a casino and sports betting firm, plans to break into the Canadian market. The company’s entry into the country is expected to bring more competitors. Initially, 888 will focus on casino and sports gambling, but bingo, keno, and other soft gaming products will likely be available soon.

This is good news for Canadian bingo fans. Jackpots at home can now be pooled, and the government will issue gaming licences to help ensure security and fairness.

Final Words

The Canadian online bingo market is up-and-coming. Canada gaming laws are undergoing the necessary revisions to allow online bingo operators to apply for licenses. This will allow them to finally launch their brands in the Canadian market and tap into a very profitable market.

Access to the internet is now quick, affordable, and universal. Mobile devices are affordable and widely accessible. Anyone may now play at Canadian online casinos because the internet is available everywhere and on affordable devices. Although legalising gambling has been a struggle for Canada throughout its history, it has increased considerably. In 2022, players will access various online casino games and features. Therefore it’s reasonable to assume that the online gambling market will keep growing.