Remember the days of casino slot machines? Online slots are the future

Slot machines have been a staple casino game for many years, and who wouldn’t be drawn in by the high jackpots, bright lights and fun sounds? With the explosion of the internet casino market, it has never been easier to enjoy a few slot machine games. In many ways, online slots are considerably better than land-based slots that live in casinos. Here are some reasons why online slots are the future of slot machine gambling.

Play in the comfort of your own home

While you may enjoy visiting your local casino to have a few games and a relaxing meal, it can always be a bit of a deflating experience when you turn up to find somebody else playing on your favourite machine. Also, when it’s cold outside, the last thing you want to be doing is leaving your home. Online slots offer a vast array of different machines, all within the comfort of your own home. what’s more, you will never need to wait for your favourite game to free up.

No operating system limitations

In the early days of online gambling, playing the slots would sometimes require downloading an application. As internet security and speeds have improved you can now play on any web browser, meaning you’re no longer limited by the model of computer you own.

Mobile technology

With the advancement in Smartphone technology, mobile phones are now capable of running slot machines over mobile internet. This means that you can have a quick flutter wherever in the world you may be. Most online casinos have developed apps for all platforms, from Android, iOS and Blackberry OS – meaning you can play on whatever modern device you own.

Choice of slots

Many of your favourite land-based games are now available online – meaning you can play your favourite Vegas slot machines such as Cleopatra and Cluedo at your computer or on your iPad or mini tablet in front of the TV.

As well as classic slot machines, you can also play a host of new slot machines that offer increased paylines and free plays. Whether you want to play a cat-themed slot machine or a game that involves pixies, there are slot machines for all tastes and persuasions.

Mega Jackpots

Many online casinos offer rolling jackpots that have a progressive prize fund for their most popular titles. This means that you could stand to make some real life-changing money playing the most popular titles such as Monopoly, Cleopatra and Cluedo.

Free Slots

While the rush of playing for real money isn’t quite the same as playing for free, free play allows you to try out the slot machines to see if they take your fancy before you try and play for real money.