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Casinos have a visceral appeal. From the oxygen filled game floors, to the free-flowing alcohol, to the excitement of winning or losing everything on one spin of the wheel. Casinos have always been built on the palpable excitement inherent in the experience. Yet only a very small minority has been so lucky as to experience the thrill of a brick and mortar casino. Monte Carlo, Monaco, Las Vegas—they all have one thing in common other than the games. To get there you need to take a trip, which for many people can mean flight and hotel on top of what they’re willing to gamble in one thrilling night.

In the late 1990s, visionary entrepreneurs realized the potential the internet afforded them. Instead of bringing people to casinos through expensive incentives such as hotel rooms and meals, why not bring the casino to people’s homes? The internet has not only made casinos accessible to a large portion of the population, but also reduced operating costs to such a degree that online casinos were able to reflect their savings in dramatically increased player odds.

In the process they were able to bring not only the games into people’s homes, but as technology has been steadily moving forward, and high end hardware has become more affordable, the online casinos have been able to create a living, pulsating and convincing simulation of the brick and mortar casino experience by utilizing state of the art graphics and sound, 3D technology, and high bandwidth to stream Live Dealer Casino rooms into people’s homes.

As the technology has improved, the variety of games and their quality has kept pace. Online casinos are leaders in technological innovation, and the software platforms of recent years support such a wide variety of games as to make traditional casinos seem puny in comparison. Options are almost limitless, with many of the better casinos online offering 500 or more games at any given moment—this is in addition to special tournaments, progressive jackpots that pay out astronomical sums, and VIP game rooms. To compare online casinos to their brick and mortar counterparts, has become almost unfair, as the sheer amount of options and games so far surpasses the traditional casinos as to make the comparison nonsensical.

If you’ve ever been to a brick and mortar casino, then you know what to expect, and you can dive right into the online experience. You will never look back. If, like many others, you’ve heard of casinos, but never been to one, you should take a moment to learn about the various different games out there—just so you don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer variety. This way you can also identify which games appeal to your particular playing style.

You might enjoy the flash and chance of Slots or you might be the type who revels in strategy and wants to learn the best way to beat the house, in which case you’d be a Blackjack player. Craps offers an altogether different experience—a hybrid of the excitement of chance and the interaction of knowing how to bet. There are games to suit all styles, so I will briefly outline them here. Once you’ve identified the games you would be most interested in, you will need to learn as much as you like about them.


online slots

Slots are simple and fun. This short explanation actually tells you exactly all you need to know about slots. They are the simplest of all the casino games. You insert your credits, you press the button, and you let Lady Luck do her thing. Any given pull might be the one that yields the big payout. People do win, and when they win they win BIG. The game is distilled down to the core essence of gambling. Never boring, slots are the staple of the casino world. In brick and mortar casinos slots are placed by the entrances to entice people to enter. The experience of playing slots online loses absolutely nothing in translation. It is exactly the same as playing in the casino floor—right down to the graphics on the machines.

The main reason that the game of pokies online has players returning again and again is the dream of winning that enormous jackpot. When playing at the online pokies in Australia, this dream does in fact become a reality for many players in Australia every year.



Roulette is the iconic casino game. When one pictures the classy casinos of Monaco, the first image that comes to mind is high society high rollers in tuxedos and elegant women in flowing evening gowns. The spinning wheel and the little ball that makes or breaks fortune with a single bounce is ingrained in the mind’s eye of anyone who has ever seen it played in a movie. The online casinos have managed to bring the experience to life via state of the art graphics and sound. The digital experience is every bit as satisfying as its analog counterpart. Continue reading

How to get started with online slots

When you first look into playing casino games online, you’ll probably feel bamboozled by the choice of places that you can play and the number of different types of games that you can play. Every casino game you can think of is online today, but one of the most popular categories is online slots. There are probably numerous reasons why this is, but for many players, the biggest attraction is that they are really easy to play.

First off, you need to decide where to play. Every site has its merits, including the range of games available and the kind of customer service they offer. One thing that did help me choose online slots was to look at the bonuses that each site will give new players. I didn’t simply choose the one that offered the biggest welcome bonus and take it at face value. Instead I read the terms and conditions attached to each bonus which explain any restrictions on how and when you can play the bonus money. It’s also worth checking whether the bonus is a ‘sticky’ or not. This means that you can’t actually withdraw the bonus funds from your account, but usually, it’s only the larger bonuses that are stickies. Most of the smaller bonus amounts can be withdrawn when you’ve met the wagering requirement. The wagering requirement is usually expressed as a multiple of 20 or 30, meaning that you need to play the bonus amount through 20 or 30 times before you are permitted to withdraw it.


Once you’ve studied the small print and decided which bonus gives you the best value overall, it’s still a good idea to play a few games on each of the sites you like the look of. It’s no good just going for the best bonus if you don’t actually enjoy playing the games on the site, after all.

Fortunately, it’s a buyer’s market in the online casino world, and almost every site will give you access to nearly all of their slots games in demo mode, which means you can play as often as you like for free. This is a great way to sample the games on offer and see whether you enjoy the experience of playing on one site more than the next. There are different kinds of slots too, so using demo mode will also allow you to play around with different betting combinations. The only downside to playing slots with virtual money is that your wins are virtual too, so they can feel a little empty when they come along!

However, demo mode will help you decide which site you enjoy playing at most, and then you can combine that knowledge with where the best bonus is up for grabs. Of course, nothing is set in stone in the online casino world, so if you happen to end up being a member of a site and no longer enjoy the games there, there’s nothing to stopping you from changing allegiance. Once you’ve found a good site, though, it pays to play there consistently as you’ll earn reward points every time you play, leading to more promotions and bonuses in the future!

Remember the days of casino slot machines? Online slots are the future

Slot machines have been a staple casino game for many years, and who wouldn’t be drawn in by the high jackpots, bright lights and fun sounds? With the explosion of the internet casino market, it has never been easier to enjoy a few slot machine games. In many ways, online slots are considerably better than land-based slots that live in casinos. Here are some reasons why online slots are the future of slot machine gambling.

Play in the comfort of your own home

While you may enjoy visiting your local casino to have a few games and a relaxing meal, it can always be a bit of a deflating experience when you turn up to find somebody else playing on your favourite machine. Also, when it’s cold outside, the last thing you want to be doing is leaving your home. Online slots offer a vast array of different machines, all within the comfort of your own home. what’s more, you will never need to wait for your favourite game to free up.

No operating system limitations

In the early days of online gambling, playing the slots would sometimes require downloading an application. As internet security and speeds have improved you can now play on any web browser, meaning you’re no longer limited by the model of computer you own.

Mobile technology

With the advancement in Smartphone technology, mobile phones are now capable of running slot machines over mobile internet. This means that you can have a quick flutter wherever in the world you may be. Most online casinos have developed apps for all platforms, from Android, iOS and Blackberry OS – meaning you can play on whatever modern device you own.

Choice of slots

Many of your favourite land-based games are now available online – meaning you can play your favourite Vegas slot machines such as Cleopatra and Cluedo at your computer or on your iPad or mini tablet in front of the TV.

As well as classic slot machines, you can also play a host of new slot machines that offer increased paylines and free plays. Whether you want to play a cat-themed slot machine or a game that involves pixies, there are slot machines for all tastes and persuasions.

Mega Jackpots

Many online casinos offer rolling jackpots that have a progressive prize fund for their most popular titles. This means that you could stand to make some real life-changing money playing the most popular titles such as Monopoly, Cleopatra and Cluedo.

Free Slots

While the rush of playing for real money isn’t quite the same as playing for free, free play allows you to try out the slot machines to see if they take your fancy before you try and play for real money.

Do Online Slots Portals Really Offer Bonus Packages

As you get into the world of online gambling, you’re going to end up making some key insights into how the games are really played online. Getting free money is really the name of the game, though you might feel like it’s a little shady to go after casinos that are going to give you the best chances are really making a good income. The truth is that the casinos have set it up so that in the end, they still come out ahead.

Let’s break it down further — when you are really serious about going for say, online slots — you know that you’re going to spend money. You want to have a little bankroll to work with. Casino bonus packages on your deposit are designed to inspire you to put a nice bankroll in to that casino and that casino only. Casinos know that they have stiff competition, but they all have different features that encourage you to have fun. You don’t want to just wake up and find yourself without having the money to play the slot games and other online casino games that you love most.

Yet you can’t just jump in at the first casino that comes along. You’re still going to want to make sure that you have the power to have a good time while still getting the maximum amount for your money. You don’t want to end up going with a casino that might have some decent features but they don’t really offer you anything to work with. That would just be a disaster and who really wants to deal with that at all?

The better conclusion that you need to come to is that you will just need to do some research before you choose a casino. It’s the smartest decision when every decision counts, so why not get started today?

Developing the Proper Mentality to Win at Online Slots

Can you really win at online slots? If there was one question that ranked above all others in the world of online gambling, it would definitely be that one. Indeed, everyone seems to want to know whether or not they can truly win at slots, or if this is just a dream promoted by online casinos. The reality is that people do indeed win at online slots, and there is more strategy involved than you might expect.

One of the biggest things that you will need to do is figure out how to go about developing the proper mentality to win at online slots. It’s better to start out with the proper mindset and strategy combo instead of just trying to just guess at what’s really going on.

When it comes to slots, the biggest strategy tactic that you can employ is knowing the pattern behind the slot machine in question. Sometimes this takes a while to figure out, but when you spot it life will truly get a lot more interesting. A lot of the strategy that you will implement depends on the type of slot machine that you’re playing online. For example, if you’re trying to play progressive slot machines, you will have a completely different focus than someone that is playing at a non-progressive table. Progressive slot machines provide the biggest potential to actually make money — this is part of the reason why progressive slots are so popular. The pay tables are higher, and this is where many online casinos get the term “loose slots” from.

However, how do you really tell whether or not a slot machine will really be good to you? One way to figure this out is looking directly at the numbers on the machine. In the case of progressives, you will want to see how close to the total payout number you are currently. If the numbers begin to get closer together, then you know it will only be a matter of time before you win the progressive. Persistence is something that will get you far in the world of online slots.

You may want to mix your strategy with some of the most generous online casino comps possible. The more you play, the more you open yourself up to great bonuses and gifts from the online casino. These casinos work just like offline ones — the more you play, the more you will be given status in the eyes of the casino.

Overall, developing the proper mentality to win at online slots is a matter of persistence. If you really put your mind to it, you should have no problem getting one step closer to winning at online slots!

Stay The Course – Big Gambling Wins Can Happen

If you’re thinking about trying on the world of casino games for size but you’re to really sure if it’s worth it…don’t worry. It’s definitely worth it. Even if you’ve been doing the online gambling thing for a while and you’re just not sure that you should continue, you definitely should. That’s because it’s really all about making sure that you’re going to have a good time even when you can’t go out. The thrill of being able to play whatever casino game that speaks to you and actually win money is a true thrill. Will there be times you lose money? Sure there will. Nobody has any guarantee that they’re going to win all the time. However, as your strategy gets better and you spend more time really being in the world of casino gambling, you’re going to find that there won’t really be any reason that you can’t win serious money.

Where do you start? You can always go to a good roulette casino if you want to win serious money. Even though you might place smaller bets, the power of roulette is that small bets when they come through can equal good money. It’s all about your odds. The lower your odds of the bet being successful, the more money is in it. This means that you stack a lot of small bets together to come out ahead over time.

There’s also online blackjack if you’re really serious about getting a little more money faster than what roulette can give you. But you will have to employ more strategy than roulette as well if you want to win serious money. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get good money with roulette, but you might not have as much control as you want.

What about when you just want to relax and still make serious money? You’re going to have to turn to something like bingo or slots. If that’s the case, we recommend first the Book of Ra online slot game. It’s a great game that has full color and sound so that you do not have to worry about not getting exactly what you want out of your slots experience — you should be in the moment, after all. The payments can be pretty good as well –but there’s really only one way to find out! Check it out for yourself today!