The Beauty of Anonymous Gambling

Often when one enters a bookmakers the senses are greeted by the stale smell of cigar smoke, the grumbling of old timers whose bet has not come through and either scenes of jubilation or despair. Along with the bowls of old ready salted crisps that line the tables, a little treat to give the punters sustenance as they wile away their days and their money, a trip to the bookies can be a highly unpleasant experience.

Luckily, with the invention of the internet these trips have been made redundant and all but eradicated. With the advances of technology one can now experience the pleasures of gambling from the comfort of one’s own home. From home the gamer is offered anonymity, and not only is it convenient to bet online, there is also a wealth of new and exciting games at the fingertips of the enthusiastic gamer. Whether your forte is online poker, roulette or sports betting, the internet caters to everyone’s tastes. The internet also enables developers to be more creative when conceiving new game ideas. A prime example being games like tick poker or millionaires, where the player bets on either a rise or fall in the stock market; a simple but very effective form of game that offers not only an enjoyable experience but a stock market 101 lesson. These types of games would have been extremely difficult to create and implement without the internet, not to mention expensive to install in bookmakers and casinos across the world.

So, be rid of the dreaded trips to the local bookmakers, where the patrons instil a sense of guilt in you for entering their holy building in the way of jaundice tinted stares. No longer will you have to make awkward conversation with old Bob, whose daily routine involves a trip to the pub for a lunchtime bitter, followed by an inevitable loss on the races. Be content in the anonymity of the internet and bet online for one simple reason; because it is fun. If gambling loses it’s fun, then why do it?