The most unique events offered by betting companies

If you’re not a total betting guru, you might not know about the absolutely enormous variety of events on which you can bet. In this article, we will highlight some of the most unique events on the outcomes of which you can place bets. We’ve scouted platforms like and seemingly every other betting website to find the most exciting and strange-even events. Let’s begin!


If you’re eager to make the most important events of our world feel even more on-edge, how about a bet? You can easily find and place bets on the US presidential election, the UK, German elections as well as some other countries. Unsurprisingly, you are likely to find your local election bets at your local bookmaker websites.

Betting on the outcome of political events is very unique but these elections are by far not the most exquisite choice of bet in this category. Such a title would definitely belong to the possibility to choose your winner in the next papal election…

Academy Awards

The biggest event of the entertainment industry, especially when it comes to visual arts – the Oscars, also called the Academy Awards. All of the movie stars are there and the stage is set to honor the best of the best from the past year. However, as the people giving out the awards are a panel of experts and recognized people in the field, the outcome of their votes is super confidential. The winners are announced on stage and live, meaning that you can’t prepare or even have a strategy. This makes it perfect for betting. You can place a bet for each category, starting with the best lead actors and actresses, ending with the best makeup and/or foreign film.

TV Shows

This one became famous and was caught in the public eye not so long ago. Betting on TV shows became a thing after HBO’s hit TV series Game of Thrones entered its final season. Then, the storyline became independent from the books and the script was unique, making the storyline and the key events impossible to forecast. Hence, a betting category emerged, listing many characters from the series and asking Who will die next on the show? Huge communities gathered on social networks like Reddit and speculated, looked for leaks, and tried this not only with real money but for sport too. After the GoT betting spree, there are a few betting options with more and more TV shows.


If you think that buying a lottery ticket isn’t enough, you can usually find bets to place on the winning numbers. If you really trust your instincts, place the bet and win not only the big prize from the lotto but also rake in the big bucks from the betting company.


So, as you can see, you can place bets on almost any sort of event. From politics, all the way to entertainment and lotteries, there are definitely some strange items with open betting lines. And as more sports emerge, we may see some strange sports bets like or other extreme sports, etc.