Improve your chances when playing slots

When you play online slots games you have to accept that there is no secret formula or strategy to beating the slots system. Whether you win or lose is down to fate – the spin of the reels and where they land is something that you cannot control at all.

However, what you can do is play slots bearing some of the tips below in mind, so that you maximise your chances of winning.

Where you play

First, you need to think about where you are going to play slots. There are slots on pretty much every casino site online, but some sites offer better return to player odds than others. Although the differences are marginal, every little counts, so choose those casino sites that offer the highest return to player percentages. Take a look at the different slots available at 32red casino or the slots on Royal Vegas and, and you’ll see that odds vary from game to game and from site to site.  Also look at the welcome bonuses that casino sites like 32Red and others offer. Playing with the casinos’ money can really stack the odds in your favour!



Before you start playing slots, decide how much you’re willing to spend. Set yourself a limit and then stick to it. In this way, you won’t fall into the trap of playing with money that you can’t actually afford to lose. Some people hold a separate account for gambling, using an e-wallet like Paypal, so that there isn’t the temptation to dip into household funds when you’ve run out of playing credit.

Look at the payout tables

Each casino has its own payout table for slots games – some have different payout tables for individual slots games on the same website. Make sure you understand how the payout will be worked out on each game before you play. Some games have minimum numbers of coins that must be played per spin and others have a minimum denomination. Choose a game that you can afford to play while betting the maximum on each spin in order to activate all the paylines and increase your chances of landing a win. Otherwise you could stand to miss out on a progressive jackpot, for example, if you don’t place the maximum bet.

Read the rules

Before you start playing a new slots game, read through the rules and get a handle on features such as the bonus rounds. Payouts are usually bigger on the slots with a greater number of reels, but you’ll generally find better odds on the three reel machines. Progressive slots have bigger potential payouts than regular slots, but lower returns, so you’ll use up your entertainment budget more quickly on the progressives.

Be sensible

All slots operate on a random number generator system, so you shouldn’t start to think one game is luckier for you than another. Mix up which games you play and for how long. Bet differently according to whether you are winning or not – reduce your bets when you’re losing and increase them when you’ve made some money.

Above all, know when to call it a day – don’t play with money you can’t afford to and bank your winnings from time to time.