Free Mobile Casino Games – Gaining In Popularity

There is no doubt that online slots and free mobile casino games are being preferred by many players. Not only are the variety mind boggling but the higher pay-outs and entertainment they provide are other strong reasons for their increasing popularity. For instance, a player can make a killing of even £5,000 on one of the bonus Rainbow Road to Riches games. Players can get a return of 500 times on their stake should they hit a particular symbol on the pay line. The Elvis Top 20 game is one more example where the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot of £25,000 exists.

Kerching is one of the leading providers of free mobile casino games. Games like Rainbow Riches, Pixies and Da Vinci Diamonds to name a few have been run away successes. The fact that Kerching Casino players would be able to play their favourite games at any time and on the go within the UK is a strong motivating factor.

The beauty is that each of these games provides players with a unique playing experience, enhancing and sustaining their interest. The free mobile casino games are also thrilling in the manner they are presented with alluring graphics as well as sound effects. They can be downloaded onto the mobile handsets at no cost and most modern handsets are compatible, presenting no problems whatsoever in playing these games online whenever you may wish to.

Modern day mobiles, Smart phones and tablets have sufficient processing power to play graphically rich games in all their glory, providing great entertainment and a chance of winning handsome money to the players.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, Kerching offers free mobile casino games such as:

  • The Hi 5 which is a three-reel game involving a single pay line
  • The Ooh Aah Dracula R.I.Peater, having three reels and five potential win lines.

The above two land based casino games can now be enjoyed by players any time on their mobile handsets. Apart from cash, members can also win prizes like televisions, gaming consoles and other expensive items.

Having mentioned the above, video poker games have also become a preferred choice for many seeking to enjoy the thrill of playing the slot machines along with playing cards. Jacks or Better is one of those games that have become very popular. Here, the simplicity of the game wherein you can win handsomely if you just have a pair of Jacks along with anything higher in your pack of five that are dealt to you is the most attractive aspect. You are allowed one switch before you present your hand.

The return is based on the stake as well as hand strength. You can bet from one to five credits. You can triple the money staked if you get three of the same kind. Big money however can be made only if you hit the four of the same kind with 4000 credits being the largest possible win. That is the royal flush

Free mobile casino games can be downloaded easily by just entering the email and your mobile number for registration. You will then get text instructions and a link that will take you to the gamin provider for you to choose the title you want. Once you actually download the said title onto your mobile phone, you will get instructions on how to play that game.