Sports betting – which events attract the most attention?

The world of sports is forever interlinked with sports betting. It’s in the nature of sports fans to support their team or athlete and/or try and predict the outcome of various events. But throughout time, some events have always gathered more attention from betters, when compared to others. In this article, with the help of, we will overview the most sought-after sports events for bettors. Without further ado – let’s begin!

Betting on the Super Bowl – an American tradition

Even though the United States has a very strict legislative system, when it comes to sports bets, betting on the Super Bowl is one of the quintessential American sports cliches. People place bets between friends, at work, in their community groups, or with their family members. And, if you’re lucky to be in Nevada or across the pond, somewhere in Europe or another country where sports betting is more legal, you can place a bet with cash, at a parlor.

Since most of the bets happen in private, it’s hard to estimate the exact volume, but it’s believed that at least 1 million people in the United States alone, place a bet on Super Bowl weekend. That’s a lot!

UEFA Champions League & The Premier League – UK’s finest

The UK has some of the world’s largest sports betting brands, operating on their soil. This makes placing a bet super simple. And that’s probably a big reason why the Britons are super active when it comes to betting on football games.

It doesn’t matter what the level of competition is, as long as a British club is playing in the Champions League or it’s a derby in the Premier League (e.g. the Manchester or the Merseyside derby) – betting numbers go through the roof.

NBA Playoffs – when the intensity ramps up

Throughout the regular season, NBA receives a lot of media attention and is amongst the top leagues in terms of fan engagement. But due to the fact that betting is restricted on NBA’s home soil – the US, betting activity is also quite low, compared to the size of the league itself.

That’s not the case during the playoffs. Just as with the Super Bowl, bookmakers and whatever companies are active and legally operating – get a huge influx of bets. The same applies to overseas viewers who are betting on the eventual NBA champions as well as individual series winners.

MLB games – places to win big

With over 160 games in the regular season, baseball is known to attract many bettors, eager to grow their wallets. Winning a bet on baseball is never a sure thing but the people betting love a thrill. With so many back-to-back games, there are a lot of chances to win your losses back and lose what you won just yesterday, so you have to be calculated and methodical with your approach, in order to win.

Boxing – the undisputed king for high-rolling bettors

In the world of betting, there are the regular bettors and there are the high-rolling sharks. Placing five, six, or even seven-figure bets on the outcome of a single fight is a huge risk. However, for some people, five figures are pocket change and they just love betting pocket change on boxing.

Main boxing events (e.g. Mayweather vs Pacquiao) are especially known for attracting large bets from wealthy people.