Playing Games with The Best Odds

It doesn’t matter which game you pick, but gambling is all about playing the odds and finding the best possible chances of winning – although many players will have their favourites and their own strategies that they swear by for winning there are certainly statistically some games that are better than ever if you’re chasing the big win. There are certainly some games that have a better innate chance of winning however, and if you’re looking for the best chances of winning, you’ll want to stick to them – but which are the best and which are the worst?

Slots – Perhaps the most favourite for casual players and experienced players alike, and with a huge list of myths and unfounded beliefs about winning and losing behind them too as players come back to them time after time as some of the best can be found at – despite popular opinion though, slots actually have amongst the worst odds of paying out as far as the bigger online games go, with modern machines are relying on random-number generator software to make every spin truly random, there’s no way to predict a win or to use any skill to pull a win out either. Certainly, one of the more favourite games, but one to avoid if you’re looking for a win.

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Blackjack – The other side of the coin is another of the online casino favourites in blackjack – a very simple game to understand and one that allows players to jump in and out of, and also one of the gambling favourites that provides players with the best odds of winning too. Whilst some will attribute the odds as close to a 50/50 as possible as you’re only playing against the dealer and each hand is either a winner or a loser, there may be a little more nuance to it, but if you’re looking to win then sticking to blackjack certainly can’t steer you wrong as one of the best odds for winning. 

Roulette – In a similar note to blackjack, roulette is another favourite that is way up there for the odds of winning too – although not quite a 50% chance as there are other factors that muddy the chances a little, it’s still another great choice if you’re looking at playing  the odds. There is an exception if you split to more committed betting, but if you stick to just betting red or black, you’re in pretty good territory, even if the pay-out isn’t as big.

For many the best advice will be to stick to titles where you aren’t competing against other players as those become the most difficult to predict a win, similarly avoiding those that rely on a truly  random roll is important for maximising your winning chances too – and playing the games with the best odds will certainly help increase your chances of winning – but also make sure you’re playing to enjoy the games and not just chasing a win too, as that can certainly skew your odds more.