PKR: making online poker fun again

There are hundreds of poker rooms offering free poker games but little do it with as much class as PKR. This online poker room stands out from the crowd with its unique 3D user interface that allows for high levels of customisation, new play dynamics and unfounded levels of fun. If you’re a beginner or a pro wanting a change of scene, here are some reasons why you should consider PKR.

Bringing personality back

PKR gives you a table view like no other. Player avatars are fully customisable as well as expressive – meaning you can dress how you want and act how you like at the table. This level of expression allows you to bring new psychological plays to your game. You can change your body language as well as get tells from other player’s expressions and attitudes.

The gameplay is incredibly detailed, from the changing of facial expressions, eye contact and animated gestures, meaning you can always have fun, even if you’re ‘card dead’.

Build plays

Traditional online poker rooms give you very little scope when it comes to building a play or bluff. Because you have so much character control, you can really take your game to the next level. You can use player emotions and actions to coax players to play into you or convince them that you’ve a seriously strong hand.

Immersive play

PKR has 14 incredibly detailed environments to play in; from traditional casino environments to tropical heavens that enhances the player experience to no end. Players also have a huge amount of choice when it comes to choosing camera angles. If you want to get right into the game you can opt for a first person view. If you want to be able to see all elements of play, a top down experience can ensure that you don’t miss any physical tells. Our personal favourite angle has to be the dynamic angle, which gives you a dramatic mixture of all viewing angles according to play.

Multi tabling

Multi tabling in the latest software update (2.08) has been majorly improved. Players can now have up to 9 games running at the same time. With new tile functions, you can maintain a high level of games per hour without ever missing a hand.


The PKR rewards scheme is one of the best we have seen for an online poker room. The more points you gain playing on money tables, the more you can spend on high roller tournament tickets, signed football kits, Apple computers and a vast array of poker related items such as poker tables, cards and chipsets.