Online bingo’s not all about the money

Playing bingo online is something you can do at any time of the day or night and perhaps that’s why the game has become so astoundingly popular with millions of players around the world. Bingo has always had a strong following but now it’s online, there’s no need to wait for the bingo hall to be open – you can play bingo whenever and wherever you want.

For instance you can play bingo at 32Red at any time as the games schedule is 24/7. You’ll find a choice of different 90 ball bingo games to play in any of the different bingo lounges, each of which is open for different periods during the day. The Sunshine Lounge is where you’ll find the free bingo games, but there’s also the Harmony Lounge and the Sapphire Room where a new game starts every five minutes. And if you like your games of bingo to move really quickly, head to the Speed Bingo Lounge where a new game starts every two minutes.

Mother and Daughter Using Laptop

Wherever you choose to play bingo, it’s a good idea to keep playing on the same site, as each runs player loyalty reward schemes where you can build up points towards new promotions. And many sites offer not only a welcome bonus with your first deposit, but also further bonuses for re-deposits. If you’re going to put money into your account to play bingo or other games, you may as well make the most of any free money the site is willing to give you at the same time.

The other good thing about playing consistently in one place is that you’ll get to know fellow players. Part of the attraction of online bingo is that you can meet other players online in the chat rooms connected to the games you’re playing. As the games don’t really require player involvement – apart from buying a ticket – this frees you up to chat to others online. The good thing about joining the chat is that everyone there is looking to have some fun and some friendly banter while they’re playing bingo. It always seems to be that there’s a cheerful atmosphere in the bingo chat rooms, with plenty of jokes flying around, and people can enjoy watching the progress of the game together.

When you first go into a bingo chat room, you’ll see that lots of abbreviations are being used – 32Red has a handy guide to bingo lingo on its site so you can see what everyone is talking about! Each chat room has a host that moderates the comments if necessary and makes sure that everyone there is happy. They also run chat games – giving you further chances to win money or free entries to other bingo games.

Whatever your reasons for playing bingo, there’s also the hopeful expectation behind every game of bingo that you play that you just might be the lucky one this time – yet another reason why the game is so popular!