How to get started with online slots

When you first look into playing casino games online, you’ll probably feel bamboozled by the choice of places that you can play and the number of different types of games that you can play. Every casino game you can think of is online today, but one of the most popular categories is online slots. There are probably numerous reasons why this is, but for many players, the biggest attraction is that they are really easy to play.

First off, you need to decide where to play. Every site has its merits, including the range of games available and the kind of customer service they offer. One thing that did help me choose online slots was to look at the bonuses that each site will give new players. I didn’t simply choose the one that offered the biggest welcome bonus and take it at face value. Instead I read the terms and conditions attached to each bonus which explain any restrictions on how and when you can play the bonus money. It’s also worth checking whether the bonus is a ‘sticky’ or not. This means that you can’t actually withdraw the bonus funds from your account, but usually, it’s only the larger bonuses that are stickies. Most of the smaller bonus amounts can be withdrawn when you’ve met the wagering requirement. The wagering requirement is usually expressed as a multiple of 20 or 30, meaning that you need to play the bonus amount through 20 or 30 times before you are permitted to withdraw it.


Once you’ve studied the small print and decided which bonus gives you the best value overall, it’s still a good idea to play a few games on each of the sites you like the look of. It’s no good just going for the best bonus if you don’t actually enjoy playing the games on the site, after all.

Fortunately, it’s a buyer’s market in the online casino world, and almost every site will give you access to nearly all of their slots games in demo mode, which means you can play as often as you like for free. This is a great way to sample the games on offer and see whether you enjoy the experience of playing on one site more than the next. There are different kinds of slots too, so using demo mode will also allow you to play around with different betting combinations. The only downside to playing slots with virtual money is that your wins are virtual too, so they can feel a little empty when they come along!

However, demo mode will help you decide which site you enjoy playing at most, and then you can combine that knowledge with where the best bonus is up for grabs. Of course, nothing is set in stone in the online casino world, so if you happen to end up being a member of a site and no longer enjoy the games there, there’s nothing to stopping you from changing allegiance. Once you’ve found a good site, though, it pays to play there consistently as you’ll earn reward points every time you play, leading to more promotions and bonuses in the future!