How to Avoid and Overcome Tilt

What is Poker Tilt?

The word tilt refers to the state of frustration or confusion that a poker player generally suffers after a bad beat in poker. This state of tilt often causes players to make irrational and less than optimal decisions at the poker table. Whilst this is a natural human response to a bad beat in poker there are ways to avoid and overcome tilt.

How do I beat Tilt?

Beating tilt can be quite tricky and may take a bit of practice and discipline but through the following techniques it is likely that you will be able to take one or several of these tips and use them to help you avoid and overcome tilt.

Overcome Tilt

Take a Break

Going for a walk, a cigarette break, a coffee or just taking a 10 minute break can help you immensely after a bad beat, get your mind back into the right mindset and prevent you from making irrational decisions.

Listen to Music

If you are listening to songs that you enjoy, the positive aroma that comes from them can help you remember that it is just a game and not to take it personally. Another good piece of advice is to change the song or CD that you are listening to after a particularly bad beat.

Remember your Big Wins

Everyone has good wins and everyone has bad beats, if you focus on your massive wins it can reduce the negative feeling and frustration you will get after a bad beat.

Stay Calm and Collected

Most of all just remember that poker is a game that is won by strategy and not emotions, try to remember that by letting your emotions cloud your judgment you are doing nothing but worsening the situation.

Beating tilt can be hard but with practice it is possible and by being able to recognize and avoid tilt it can turn you from an average poker player into a great one.