How does a No Deposit Bonus Work?

We all love getting something for free and we love even more gambling for free. As you can imagine no deposits bonuses are not free to online casinos. So why they are offering them? No, they haven’t become charities! As the competition is very fierce they have to get creative in order to get more customers and offering players a no deposit bonus is an excellent way to get new potential members to try their products and games.

As they are very expensive and also risky to run (as members just need to register to get them) you will notice that no deposit bonuses won’t come close to the normal deposit bonuses in regards to the amount offered. Also they will normally have higher restrictions when it comes to withdrawing funds.

Recently we have seen some very trustable online casinos offering their no deposit bonuses tied to free spins instead of going for a ‘£10 No Deposit Bonus‘ for example. The reason behind that is that it will be much easier for a casino to control which games players will be trying and also for a commercial reason as free spins are purchased from game providers.

No Deposit bonuses are a very good way to give players the freedom to try their platform and also familiarise with some of their best games without the pressure of having to deposit or risk money. Casinos will be hoping that players will like their games and ultimately end up making a deposit with real money so that they can explore more their casino games. After all if you like to gambling having to wager your bonus 35 times over is quite tiring. So no deposit casino bonus is a win-win tactic for online casinos: they provide some risk-free fun to potential customers and eventually they do get some return when someone decide to deposit for real and play more.

Most online casinos will have no wagering requirements over free cash bonus. Having said that it is very important to always check terms and conditions as you might learn that you will need for example to use your free token in the first hour of creating a new account.

Advantages of No Deposit Bonuses

– Free cash is yours without any risks

– Almost all no deposit bonuses have no wagering requirements

– Great way to try a new casino site without risking anytime

– Able to wager more per spin

– Free to play any game you choose to (not always, read terms first)

Different Types of No Deposit Bonuses

As there are a huge amount of online casinos around, so are the no deposit bonuses. There are many types of no deposit bonuses that are all focused in targeting those players that have never made a deposit at the online casino before. In some cases however online casino do also reward those players that have showed loyalty to the brand. Below you will find the most common types of No Deposit Bonuses currently in existence:

Bonus Cash – this is normally a small amount of free cash that is given to new players to explore and try the new platform and games. No risks for the player, it is all on the house.

No Deposit Free Spins – In this case the online casino will give players free spins with no wagering requirements. Those free spins will not be open to every game but normally they are to try a specific game (ie. Sturburst).

Free Spins / Free Play – Same thing as above but the difference here is that the players will need to use the free spins before it will pass the expire date.

Cash Backs – sometimes casinos will give this ‘type’ of bonus to those players that have incurred losses on their platform.

Every bonus is always a great thing for casino players. No Deposit bonuses however are showing that the casino brand is going the extra mile to reward either new or existing players. We particularly like the No Deposit bonuses as with everything is just good to test before committing some money. With No Deposit casino bonuses you will be given this chance and ultimately have some fun: I am sure you will agree that there is no better enjoyment that playing casino games for real money on the house!

What are the Reasons for No Deposit Bonuses?

Surely if someone, especially an online casino, gives away something for free they are looking to make a return at some point. This is normally the case also for No Deposit Bonuses however in some instances the casino might just be celebrating a particular milestone they have reached or an anniversary. In situations like this they tend to offer new and existing players different types of no deposit bonuses like cash backs and free spins.

Another reason for offering free cash bonuses is when a player is celebrating their birthday. Online casino believe this is a great way to connect and will give players something back on this special day. Those are little things that will go long way in keeping players satisfied and loyal.

Things to watch out with Online Casino with Free Bonus Without Deposit

Even if no deposit bonuses are some of the best type of bonuses you will even find as you will get something without risking anything, there are things you need to watch out for. For example there is always a cap on the amount of winnings you will be able to achieve with a no deposit bonus.

Online casinos need to ensure they are not losing too much money with those type of bonuses: imagine if many will make a decent profit from the free cash bonus! This will have a huge hit on the online casino and might even cause them to financially breakdown. For this reason is very important to check terms and conditions so that you won’t be disappointed with the outcome of your bonus.

It is also frequent that online casinos will put restrictions on bet sizes when playing casino games: again this is to limit your win potential and avoid a financial problem for them. Again if you think about the huge amount of players that are using no deposit bonus it is rather fair as it could cause the operator a significant loss.

You will notice that new casinos tend to be particularly aggressive when it comes to promotions. When they are offering a no deposit bonus they are trying to stand out from the competition and get noticed by players. It is important to check that they are not ‘rogue’ tough: do your own research and read the experience that other players have had with that casino. You should check what is their withdrawal policy and if they have had negative issues. Also the more established and well-known the casino is, the less troubles you are likely to encounter. So by taking a massive no deposit bonus form a completely new brand you are normally looking for trouble.