Hit or Stand – Making the Most Critical Decisions in Online Blackjack

When you’re trying to really enjoy yourself in the great world of online blackjack, you will need to make sure that you really have strategy on your side. Sure, you could walk into every game and play based on feelings and emotions, but you will not win very much money. In addition, if you’re not going to develop a strategy, you will end up losing a lot of money as other players edge ahead of you. There’s nothing wrong with not having a strategy when you start out, as long as you eventually develop one.

However, with so many casino guides and books on playing blackjack, it’s obvious that building the best blackjack strategy isn’t as easy as it might seem. You will need to make sure that you really look at the game from angle if you really want to be a serious player.

So, where do you get started? Well, handling one of the biggest set of critical decisions in blackjack is probably the best way to go. Just like you will need to know when to fold and when to push forward in poker, you will need to make sure that you know whether to hit or to stand in online blackjack.

If you don’t know the terms yet, here’s a quick rundown of what is meant by hit or stand. When the dealer deals you your initial set of cards, you have a choice of whether to take another card (hit) or stay where you are (stand). If you go over 21, you are out of the game (bust), but if the dealer gets blackjack (21) or scores closer to 21 than you do, you’ll lose that way as well.

So, when do you actually hit, and when do you actually stand? Well, generally speaking, you will always want to stand if you have 17 or more in points in your hand. There’s no reason to hit if you’re at 18 — you will run too much risk of busting completely and losing the game. It’s better to just stand than hope to get a 2 or a 3.

On the other hand, if you have less than 11 in your hand, you should always try to hit. You’ll need to catch up to the rest of the action on the table so that the dealer doesn’t simply beat you.

Overall, this is the most critical decision in blackjack. Aside from these basic principles, you’ll have to develop your own playing strategy based on what the dealer has. If you really put the tips in this guide to heart, you should have no problem getting closer and closer to becoming a better player!