Hi Lo draws

Hi and Lo numbers games are a big test of nerve and decision making on sites that offers those type of games. After each shuffle of the pack, you are faced with a new betting proposition, which you either accept or walk away from by collecting your winnings.

As with fast-paced games such as Chests of Plenty, this game will test how brave you are and much you are willing to gamble as you accumulate your winnings from one card to another. The longer you progress, the more you will win.

Often there is a choice of three cards for you to select. Usually there is a high or low amount which gives you a good opportunity to get your result correct because there will be more cards in your favour if you choose to go down the obvious route.

However, the prize on offer often reflects this, so you will not get rich quickly if you just stick with these.

The middle cards such as 6, 7, and 8 offer the best value. If you decide to play these in either direction, there is usually a nice reward for guessing the right result. If you decide to play one too many though, there is a good chance that you will be beaten eventually, so it is important to walk away when you are happy with your return.

Once you do collect, you can begin at the stake of your choice once again. This means that you can continue playing but your risk is much lower because the winnings are into your bankroll and you try to start building once again. It is best to keep your stake low at the beginning so you don’t potentially lose too much on your opening card.