Don’t Lose Hope – Your Poker Brain Is Truly Mighty!

Every poker player has strengths.
Every poker player has weaknesses.

Trying to figure out how to leverage your strengths and downplay your weaknesses is truly the name of the game. There’s no need to feel like you’re the only one in the world trying to make this a reality. A lot of newbies enter the game of poker and feel like they are never going to get ahead. Even after playing thousands of hands — and we really do mean thousands of hands — we often feel this way too. It feels like no matter how much you win — you could have won more. If you lose — you could have done better. There’s always an avenue that you can use to beat yourself up with. We like to tell our fellow poker players to just relax. Trying to figure out every single thing in poker over a short period of time will be enough to drive you crazy. Now, you might point to some people in the forums that really look like they have their wits about them. The truth is that everyone can position themselves as a legendary poker player, but it really takes a lot more than just words to be a legendary poker player. If you look at the people that are crushing it in the poker world right now, they all will admit to long hours of practice. They will admit losses. You don’t get a 100% win-rate. The luck of the cards just isn’t always going to be on your side. So what does it really take to win in the game of poker?

Longevity. You have to believe that your poker brain truly is mighty. If you assume that you’re never going to do any better than what you have right now, you’re going to find yourself carrying this belief into all of your card games. You will sit down at the table and feel like they’re just no way that you can beat anyone. The truth is that you probably know a lot more about the game of poker than you might expect. The reality here is that you must reach within to see that strength.

Poker Brain

Are you good at reading people? Can you take a whole round and determine who’s a donk, who’s a rounder, who’s a shark, and who just wants to try to be a maniac about the game? Some people are really good at this. Or maybe you excel at staying calm when the whole table is going nuts. Getting angry with bingo players that go all in on everything is the wrong way to see poker. Sure, they’re going to get lucky sometimes. But they do know pot odds like you do? Probably not, if they’re just going all in blindly.

This goes for super loose players that seem like they will play anything that you throw at them. They might win sometimes, but if you use classic poker theory, you will eventually triumph over them.

It’s all about looking at where you want to be in the online world over time. Long term play will always win out over short term play based on faulty thinking. If you think that you can’t beat anyone, you’re practicing faulty thinking. And remember, negative thoughts tend to leave you playing emotionally. This is a wonderful way to lose money, not make money. Sure, there’s a certain level of intuition to be found when you’re trying to tie things together. You might play a hand just because you feel so strongly about it. But you have to be prepared to lose if you do that. Can you handle that type of loss? If not, then you definitely know what you need to do.

Right now is the best time to sit down away from the computer and evaluate your poker game. If you must go to a PC to look at your stats, try to be good to yourself. You have a lot of profits to make in poker, but if your mind gets too worked up you’re going to be in for big surprises. Get started today by checking out USA online poker for tips on best USA poker sites!