Do Roulette Winning Methods Exist?

We’ve all come across them – those internet ads that promise us a ‘foolproof’ way to win at roulette, without coughing up more than the $12.99 that it’ll cost us to learn the ultimate secret. So let’s get one thing straight from the beginning – there is no such thing as a winning method in roulette. This is simply because the game is one of randomness and thus categorized as a game of chance. Unlike games of skill such as blackjack or poker, for example, in Premium European Roulette you can’t do anything that will bring down the house edge in roulette.

You can, however, minimize your losses in the game through a few simple steps when next in your roulette session. For one, you can opt to play European Roulette and not American roulette. This is because the American Roulette wheel has an extra 0, which increases the house edge dramatically. You want to play games with a LOW house edge, which naturally means that the European wheel is a better bet for you.

Another thing you can do is manage your bankroll in a way that leaves nothing to chance. If you come in with a clear plan about how much you want to wager, and how long you want to spend in your roulette session, you minimize your losses significantly.

Finally, recognizing that roulette is a game of chance, without continually searching for that ideal winning method, will allow you to relax and enjoy your game. By looking at things from this perspective, not only will you be able to lose less, but you will enjoy your roulette more – and isn’t that what it’s all about, anyway?