Dispelling the Myths of Online Poker

There are a ton of myths circulating around about the game of online poker. And as with all myths, some are true and others are false. In order to keep from losing money because of inaccurate information, it is important to differentiate the inaccurate information from the factual information. The following are some of the major online poker myths and what you should instead believe.

Internet Poker Websites Are Rigged

This is simply untrue. In actuality, online poker sites that allow players to gamble for real money cannot take the risk of rigging their Random Number Generators. Doing so is not only illegal, but also impossible to not get caught.

Poker Bots Are Better Players Than Humans

This yet another widely believed, but entirely false myth of the game. Even though this does hold true for games such as checkers and chess, bots are unable to speculate in the manner that human beings can. This fact contributes to the superiority of human online poker players.

Cards Can Be Viewed via Hacking

Wrong again! No player ever needs to worry about their cards getting hacked by another player. Online poker rooms are highly secure areas, allowing a player’s cards to never be seen by anyone else. A poker site’s reputation stands on its ability to protect its players.

There Is a Greater Chance of Losing When Playing Against Unskilled Players

This is one poker myth almost every player has heard at one time or another. Honestly, those who convince themselves that this is true are simply trying to justify the fact that they are unable to utilize certain winning strategies. If your skills are sharpened and you are holding a great hand, the skill level of the other players holds no bearing on your poker game.

Aggressive Playing Is the Best Strategy

Coming into a poker game with guns blazing is not the way to dominate the table. What you see as the ideal aggressive playing strategy your opponents will view as the strategy used by someone who cannot back up their mouth. It is crucial to find a healthy balance.

Bluffing Is the Way to Go

Then there are those who come from the school of thought where bluffing is the key to poker success. But just as with any other strategy, too much of a good thing can poison a game. Most casual poker players fail to realize that bluffing is a fine art that takes a lot of practice to master.

Poker Is a No-Skill Gambling Game

This statement is unbelievably far from the truth. The cream-of-the-crop poker players know how to utilize their skills and strategies to take what seems to be a terrible hand and turn it into something workable if not winnable. You must know how and when to bluff, fold, call, size up your opponents and calculate your winning odds.