Different Types of Bingo Games

Most everyone is already well familiar with 75 ball bingo. This variant is the preferred gaming option for North American players (USA and Canada). 75 ball bingo cards comprise 5 x 5 grids, with the centre square blacked out. Players are tasked with completing special patterns, numbers or letters, in order to win the attendant prizes.

This variant of bingo is quicker – there are only 75 balls in the bingo hopper – but the action and the prizes are pretty spectacular. Bingo cards for this game sport the letters B-I-N-G-O. The B column holds numbers 1 – 15, I holds numbers 16 – 30, N holds numbers 31 – 45, the G holds numbers 46 – 60 and the O holds numbers 61 – 75.

90-ball bingo and the other hand, is a different prospect entirely. This game sports a bingo grid of 9 x 3 squares. Players have not 1, but 3 opportunities to win prizes in 90-ball bingo games. 1 Line requires players to match 5 numbers out of the 9 on the line. 2 lines require players to match 10 bingo numbers from the 18 numbers on the grid.

A full house requires players to match 15 numbers on a grid of 27 squares. The latter category offers the best payout, because more numbers are required to win. Other bingo gaming variants include speed bingo (30 ball bingo with a 3 x 3 grid), 80 ball bingo (perceived by some to be a hybrid between 75 and 90 ball bingo) and progressive bingo games.