Debunking Online Casino Myths

As online casinos have grown extremely fast over the past few years, particularly on the mobile platform, there is a huge audience that may not have been exposed to gambling in any form prior to signing up to the increasing number of online sites such as for example – this has also bred a huge number of myths and misunderstandings around online casinos too, much like offline sites, but which are the biggest online casino myths and is there any truth to them?

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Online casinos are less safe than offline alternatives – For many, particularly those that haven’t explored the online space yet, the question of safety often comes into play as one of the big rumours has always been around whether or not online services are safe. In the early days, there may have certainly been some bad apples amongst the bunch as there had been little regulation to monitor online options, but that has since changed and there’s a lot of regulation and monitoring these days. You’ll be able to do a lot of research into the online site and its licensing and registration information, so you’ll be able to check all of the site credentials as well as read endless reviews about the service too to ensure safety. 

Online casinos are more addictive – Another of the big myths is that online casinos are more addictive than other casinos – whilst there has been a lot of research into the matter to determine that they aren’t in fact more addictive and have many measures to actually help players out by monitoring time played and being more restrictive, the illusion often comes from the fact they’re much more accessible and as such easier to play. By being able to jump in and out of game whenever you’d like, it feeds the myth a little that they can be more addictive, but there’s certainly no evidence to support that it could be a true statement.

Online gambling encourages underage players – This myth has largely been born from the ongoing issues with mechanics in modern gaming like loot boxes and microtransactions, however couldn’t be farther from the truth. Whilst an underage player may be able to sneak their way into an offline casino and play, online services have very stringent processes to determine age verification and to allow play, as well as all of the licensing and commission concerns that come with ensuring every player is of age. Because of this, if a players age can’t be determined, they simply won’t be able to play making this myth very unlikely.

These are just a few of the growing list, and it may be unsurprising as something as new and as big as an online casino will undoubtably receive some myth around it – it’s important to do your own research if you are uncertain however, as many of these myths are picked apart to be untrue at every step.