Blackjack rules – how to get good at the game quickly?

Blackjack is the game a lot of people love and play every day. It’s actually the card game with the most players worldwide, especially at the casinos. Why is that? Well, mainly because it’s fun, engaging and the rules are very simple. But if you were to analyze the rules of Blackjack (can be found here – and calculate the mathematic odds, you’d find out that the house odds in Blackjack are the smallest of all card games. So, if you want to win big, it’s best to play Blackjack. Let’s look at the rules of this game and see how you can learn to play quickly.

First up – play free

Great players can read the game situations better and count their odds better. Even a thing like intuition can mostly be attributed to cautious calculation. All of this is attributed to experience which can be gained over time. No one person is born knowing how to play Blackjack. It needs learning. To improve quickly and to analyze what is the correlation between the risks and rewards, play for free with friends or download a Blackjack app on your phone. Alternatively, you can play with free tokens in online casinos.

No stakes – total freedom and maximum experience.

Avoid playing Blackjack with different rules than what you want to learn

There are numerous versions of Blackjack available online. Casinos especially have numerous different versions of slot and regular Blackjack tables. There is the bare bones, basic version of the game, and many more additional sorts of Blackjack to choose from. If you want to get good quick, forget about playing around on different types of the game. First, stick to the regular Blackjack tables for now and once your results are satisfactory enough, move over to different options.

Psychologists say that you need to spend around 10,000 hours on something to become a professional at it. So, expect to need around that much time to become a permanently winning player, although you have to keep in mind that it’s not a guarantee and the house always has an edge, albeit a small one.

Learn to bet appropriately 

Learning to play Blackjack isn’t all about simply understanding the card combos and knowing which card equals what amount of points. It’s more about learning what is the shoe (multiple decks of cards that casinos use) and trying to win consistently by utilizing a strategy. And the core of the strategy is betting on an appropriate stack. Blackjack is a game of chance, but the chance factor is the smallest of any game, so you can definitely maintain a solid record even over long periods of time if you can manage your bets.

Your total bankroll shouldn’t be placed on a single bet. Don’t go all in just because you’re eager to take home everything right now. Find a methodical approach and rather focus on being consistently up, let’s say 10% after every sitting. If you succeed – you’re going to get good at Blackjack very soon.