Biggest Wins in the History of Bingo

Bingo: A game of chance with the potential to create big winners! Whilst most of us walk away from the bingo halls with nothing more than the satisfaction of enjoying a good game and maybe a small loss or a small win, a lucky few walk away as millionaires. Here are some of their amazing stories!

Soraya Lowell

One of the biggest wins ever to take place in a physical bingo hall went to Soraya Lowell in the Club 3000 in Coatbridge Scotland. The mother of four scooped £1,167,795 in the National Bingo Game Platinum Jackpot in 2008. She split the jackpot with her neighbour Agnes O’Neill and returned to her job as a part-time cleaner, unsure what exactly to do with her big win.

Chrissie Johnson

Unable to sleep one night in 2016, Chrissie Johnson crept downstairs so she would not disturb husband Mike while she indulged herself in some cheeky games at Sky Bingo. What she didn’t expect was to land a £1.3 million jackpot! After waking up Mike and celebrating with the family, Chrissie decided that they would spend the money on their family and a holiday.

Lisa Potter

Bored while her husband watched football on TV, Lisa Potter decided to log onto Ladbrokes Bingo for some online bingo fun in 2012. After a £5 bet, she landed a whopping £1.3 million! With modest plans for a holiday, a new house, and a new car before turning everything over to savings for her three children’s future, Ms Potter will probably never moan about the footie again!

Christine Bradfield

This Welsh gran scooped £1.1m in a National Game at her local bingo hall in Merthyr Tydfil where she had been a regular player for 11 years. Like Soraya Lowell, she split the jackpot; choosing to give half to her sister-in-law Lorraine Williams like the pair always did for wins. She then happily returned to her part-time job as a petrol cashier, claiming she didn’t know what else she would do with her day.

Mysterious M

In 2009, a Greek businessman identified only as Georgios M scooped £5.1 million at an online bingo site. Choosing to remain anonymous has afforded Georgios some privacy so no-one knows how he has spent his winnings. Wherever he is, we’re sure the money is coming in handy!

John Orchard

The current record holder is none other than Lincolnshire resident John Orchard who scooped £5.9 million with a mere 30p bet in 2012. After swapping his car for a sportier Jaguar and taking his wife on holiday to see family in Canada, the 60-year-old winner settled down to the retired life. Presumably, he and Mrs Orchard will be more than set for the rest of their days.

Bingo winners may be common enough but the big ones are few and far between. These six lucky winners were able to walk away with their lives changed forever. Who knows, maybe one day you will land the lucky combination you need to propel you into millionaire status!