Big Jackpot Slots Are Back!

Are you dreaming about a huge progressive jackpot? Do you find yourself planning out exactly what you’d do with that money if you were lucky enough to become the big winner? Then you definitely want to check out this hot list of great slots. We looked into our own database of amazing slots and picked some really good ones for you. Slots that have a progressive jackpot or another huge prize for you to win are going to be front and center on this list.

We could surely come up with other slot games but for the sake of time and space, we settled on five great ones to share with you. To read about upcoming new slot games and slots strategy guides, check out Casino Insider.

1. Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune slots

Mega Fortune’s graphics are sharp, but that’s not the only thing waiting for you with this game. It’s got a progressive jackpot that has paid out before. One of the top payouts on mega Fortune went all the way up to 2.6 million Euros. Now that’s a payout!

It’s a 25 payline, five reel slot with plenty of character. The luxury-oriented theme isn’t uncommon, but Net Entertainment has really come out with something nice. You can still get a 20,000$ jackpot, even if you don’t trigger the big progressive payout. The wild card is represented by the Yacht symbol, and you also have some free spins to look forward to. If you get three or more scatters (champagne bottles), you unlock a ton of free spins.

It’s important to watch out for those bonus symbols, because they can trigger the progressive jackpot. But you have to get three or more of them in a row on a spin. You unlock a cool “wheel” style game that gives you a chance at winning. Of course, there’s no guarantee that you will win anything. But it never hurts to reach out, right?

2. Icy Wonders


Icy Wonders is cartoonish, but that doesn’t take away the fun at all. You get to watch penguins, polar bears, and even some arctic foxes play together in this absolutely fun slot.

If you bet the max on this game, you get the most money: about 15 grand a spin. But hey, if you’re working with a really small budget don’t worry about that at all. You can still win big with a 30,000 coin jackpot. You can customize your betting options for every single spin, just in case you want to play it safe in the beginning and scale outward as time passes.

As fun as it is to chase the progressive jackpot, don’t forget about the other stuff involved. You can trigger a cool bonus game where you play with the penguins. You have to pick the penguin that’s hiding a fish. If you get a fish, then you win a nice prize. Don’t get the skeleton to show; otherwise the round has to end. The prizes actually stack on top of each other during this bonus round.

3. Hall of Gods

hall of gods slots

This slot is based around the old Norse creation myths, so imagine multiple gods, nature symbols, and more. Net Entertainment has put out a really great slot game for us, but some will avoid it because it only has twenty paylines. Trust us; you don’t need a lot of paylines to make good money on this slot.

You get twenty free spins thanks to the scatter symbol, and the wild in the game isn’t any normal wild. It’s one that expands to cover the reel. That means that it can save a combination that wouldn’t normally be a good one. Why wouldn’t you want to play something like this?

You have to play the bonus game featuring Thor’s hammer to unlock the bigger prizes.

4. Megasaur


Anybody ready for a dino theme? Dinosaurs are just too awesome to skip over. Megasaur is a RTG slot game that features five reels and 25 paylines. You have a minimum of .05 per line on this slot, making it a little pricier than other slots. But remember, the more that you wager, the more that gets paid out to you.

Look for plenty of wilds in this slot, both the red ones and the green ones. Yes, there are two different wilds. The red wild Megasaurs actually give you a 2x multiplier on each and every spin they appear on. If there’s another dinosaur that pops upon the reel that a wild card is on, the Megasaur turns it wild by eating it. Talk about fierce!

Look for the scatter icon to pop up quite often. You can get up to fifty free spins just by revealing the right amount of free spins behind the scatter irons. If you don’t get the bonus game after 250 spins, the game will automatically let you try it out. Now that’s a cool feature that you don’t see every day!

5. Super Lucky Frog

Super Lucky Frog

Super Lucky Frog sounds like the name for a fast and easy Chinese takeaway place, but it’s a slot game here. You get a fantasy-themed slot filled with goblins, pixies, and even a few fairies. There’s no big fantasy battle to fight here, just a lot of working together for one big goal: to help you win as much money as possible. You can customize your bets with each and every spin, which is a feature that we truly cherish.

There’s twenty-five paylines, with each line going for as little as $0.01! Very awesome, if you ask us. You get wilds, scatters, free spins, and a very generous multiplier.

There’s more than one jackpot, and there’s a big jackpot that you should look out for. Progressive jackpots change all the time, so we can’t give you the specific number right now. You’d have to play to see where it’s up to, and if anyone’s won the big jackpot yet or not. Even if you don’t win the big one, you’re bound to win something to brag about with your friends later. Check it out!

Is there a progressive slot that you just can’t stop playing? Have you heard of a new one that begs to be looked at? Let us know in the comments or use the contact form to tell us all about it! We love playing new slot games.