The best strategy to employ in casino gaming

Over the years, there have been many ‘tried and tested’ systems to beat the casino house edge, but when games are based on chance – or in the internet age of online casinos, on random number generator software – there’s no system that will help you beat the casinos.

Any strategy that you’ll hear about will be flawed in some way, but that doesn’t stop the different systems still being discussed at length and sworn by for their efficacy by numerous people on gambling forums.


Take the Martingale system as an example. The basic strategy here is that after every loss, you double your stake. The idea is that you will eventually double your investment if you continue playing long enough, but it would never work. Firstly, if you had a bad losing streak, and you continued to double your stake every time, you’d end up being bankrupt. Added to that, of course, you’re working against the house edge. In roulette, you do have almost even money chances of winning, but the house edge is provided with the presence of the 0 and, in American roulette, the 00 on the wheel. That small difference means that over a long enough period of time the favour will always be on the house side, unless you have a faulty wheel. And when you play at bgo online casino or any other online casino like Gala or SkyVegas, there’s never any possibility of a faulty wheel as the random number generator software rules the games.

The only system that could be said to actually work for people playing casino games online is the fact that they can go from site to site cashing in on different bonuses that are available. With such a high level of competition between different casino sites for new players, there are always new bonus promotions to take advantage of.

There’s nothing to stop players signing up for numerous different sites and profiting from the 100% or 200% bonuses that are on offer when they first make a cash deposit. Taking advantage of cashing in on free money to play with is indisputably a workable system. However, it doesn’t mean that you are any more guaranteed to win with that money. Also, you have to keep track of a number of different gaming accounts, which may mean that you end up spending more of your own money than you might have done if you’d only had one account to play casino games at. There’s also the benefit of collecting reward points by playing consistently at one casino site. These reward points can be cashed in for free spins or other promotions once you earn enough of them.

When it comes down to it, the one strategy that will see you through in casino gaming is the simplest. You should only ever play with money that you don’t mind living without, as there’s no guaranteed win for anyone, no matter what other people who use different gambling systems tell you.