A Huge Opportunity for Regulation Change?

It has certainly been a very turbulent year with many industries around the world facing a lot of questions around what the future may hold, but there have been certain examples of those that have thrived, particularly those within the online gaming space as some of the most successful sites here at ukonlinecasinoslist.com have reported their successful numbers. Given online gambling and betting is still so heavily regulated in many countries across the world however, there had certainly been many missed opportunities – but could this also be leading to huge sweeping changes for the regulation of the space?

A big target has been many states across the US which had remained quite restrictive for online gambling with online sports betting in particular taking some time to be introduced to many states, largely an issue with ongoing legislation to protect tribal casinos but also simply through lack of support too – with many experts suggesting that changing regulation to support the growing online gambling space could aid many states with economic recovery following the difficult times over the past year however it is starting to signal some change could be on the way, even if only small steps at first.

(Image from sbcnews.co.uk)

The US hasn’t been the only country to look at regulation reform in this space either as Japan may be looking to join the list of countries expanding into this space with Baseball and Football perhaps leading the charge. Whilst Japan still holds some rather restrictive gambling and betting laws as a whole, the ongoing secret discussions revealed could see betting on the Nippon Professional League Baseball and the J-League in football to become deregulated by 2024 – an industry that is an estimated combined value of over $65 billion per year. Over the first six months of 2020 an estimated $2.5 billion had been lost in revenue for the industry with cancellations, postponements, and the lack of spectators to the big events, and shows just another huge potential to help with an economic recovery throughout the whole country.

There are certainly challenges that will be faced along the way for all looking to deregulate or change the online gambling space as a whole with the example of tribal casinos in the US being a prime case of this, but with the huge benefits of the change being outlined and put on display, and in many instances will far outweigh the negatives drawn too. Given how quickly the online space is changing and how quickly new services can adapt to change and react to new requirements too, deregulation will quickly see those most prepared become available almost immediately after any change is announced. Many fans will certainly be keeping their eyes open, whilst a few years may seem like a long, the change will come much quicker than expected.