Playing Games with The Best Odds

It doesn’t matter which game you pick, but gambling is all about playing the odds and finding the best possible chances of winning – although many players will have their favourites and their own strategies that they swear by for winning there are certainly statistically some games that are better than ever if you’re chasing the big win. There are certainly some games that have a better innate chance of winning however, and if you’re looking for the best chances of winning, you’ll want to stick to them – but which are the best and which are the worst?

Slots – Perhaps the most favourite for casual players and experienced players alike, and with a huge list of myths and unfounded beliefs about winning and losing behind them too as players come back to them time after time as some of the best can be found at – despite popular opinion though, slots actually have amongst the worst odds of paying out as far as the bigger online games go, with modern machines are relying on random-number generator software to make every spin truly random, there’s no way to predict a win or to use any skill to pull a win out either. Certainly, one of the more favourite games, but one to avoid if you’re looking for a win.

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Blackjack – The other side of the coin is another of the online casino favourites in blackjack – a very simple game to understand and one that allows players to jump in and out of, and also one of the gambling favourites that provides players with the best odds of winning too. Whilst some will attribute the odds as close to a 50/50 as possible as you’re only playing against the dealer and each hand is either a winner or a loser, there may be a little more nuance to it, but if you’re looking to win then sticking to blackjack certainly can’t steer you wrong as one of the best odds for winning.  Continue reading

Understanding RTP: Why the Figure Is Important, And Why It Isn’t

Most casino players, certainly experienced ones, like to take every small advantage they can get within their gaming strategy. After all, a minor adjustment can mean the difference between making a profit and a loss. When it comes to software-based or virtual games, that advantage is sometimes perceived to lie within RTP – Return to Player.

RTP is a measurement of how much virtual games will pay out over time. If the RTP is 98.5%, we know that, eventually, the game will return 98.5p for every £1 spent. We can be sure that these figures are as advertised at a licenced casino because they will be tested by an independent company, like eCOGRA or SQL or TST.  Continue reading

Is it Legal to Bet on Sports Online in Colorado?

Colorado made online sports betting legal in May 2020. Since then, numerous online sports betting platforms have gone live, allowing those in the state to sign up and place bets on various sports. The state has a few restrictions on how betting can occur, but the rules are no difficult to follow and are simply in place to protect bettors.

To place a legal bet online in Colorado, you’ll need to be at least 21 years old. You’ll also need to make sure that the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission licenses the site you’re betting on. Lastly, you’ll also need to be within the state borders when you place your bet. All Colorado online betting sites check the user’s location before they place a bet to make sure that they’re in the state.

Colorado betting apps and betting sites give you lots of options to have fun while betting online. If you’re new to online betting and want to know more about how to find a good site and how to place bets, we’ve written up a full guide below.  Continue reading

Do You Need Luck Or Skill To Win At Casino Games?

Casino games have been played and enjoyed by many gamblers throughout the world. Whether they play them at land based or at usa online casinos, these are game that just keep on getting better as the days go by. However as much as we love casino games, we know that they are a gamble, and with a gamble you can either win or you can lose. That is why we want to know if you need luck or skill to be a victor in real money casino games.

What is Skill?

Before we get to whether you need skill or luck to win at casino games, we think it’s best to simply define both terms. Skill is the ability that you have to perform an action with determined results. In most cases, needs a specific amount of time, energy or a combination of both. Skill can also be broken down into two separate different categories, these are domain-general and domain-specific skills that are used in online casino games.   Continue reading

The Largest Casinos in the World

Casinos are part of the most fascinating places in the world, we talk of lights and action, with views and wonders that will definitely thrill your mind. There is at least one or two casinos in every major city in the world. And part form these casinos, there are those casinos in the world that we have to acknowledge as the biggest gaming arenas in the world.

WinStar World Casino

Located in Oklahoma, this one of the largest casinos in the world. The Windstar casino sits on a whopping 6 000 00+ square feet that is solely dedicated for fun with casino gambling games at Australian online gambling sites. The gaming facility opened its doors to the public in 2003 and ten years later in 2013, they expanded to a larger unit.  Continue reading

How to Avoid a Gambling Addiction

While gambling is a source of entertainment and helps you to relax, it can have adverse effects if not done responsibly. In fact, gambling excessively can lead to many negative effects. Problem gambling can lead to many other mental, financial, social, and physical problems.

In fact, a lot of people have suffered from gambling addiction to a point where they have lost all their money and loved ones. This is why it’s important to not get carried away when you bet at online casinos like Below, we show you how you can avoid gambling addiction.

Gamble for Fun

Many people make the mistake of gambling for other reasons other than having fun. On a normal day, you should make sure that you gamble only to pass the time and have fun. Winning money from gambling should only be a bonus and not a top priority. Continue reading

3 Reasons People Love to Gamble Online

Online gambling is a massive industry creating billions every year. There are thousands of games and internet casinos and millions of people enjoy gambling online. Why do people love playing games where they should be at a disadvantage? People have their own reasons but there’s three solid reasons we found as to why people enjoy gambling online.


Player’s love the rush of adrenaline when you gamble online. Playing for money is a great feeling and it’s even better when you win isn’t it? Not everyone loves to jump out of planes or go in shark infested waters to get their rush. Many can find it gambling online. Whether it’s moving all in in poker, doubling down in blackjack or betting on your lucky number and it coming through at roulette – online gambling is a source of adrenaline. Continue reading

The Different Positions in Texas Hold’em

If you’re new to poker and just learnt the rules, you may not give much thought to the different positions in Texas Hold’em. You know the dealer button moves around each time and that’s all that matters right? Wrong. Your position in the hand is one of the most important aspects of the game. This is not a matter of opinion but unanimously accepted by professional poker players. We will take a brief look at some of the positions in Texas Hold’em.

The Blinds

The small and big blinds are the forced bets that happen every hand. These are generally tougher positions to play poker from. This is due to the fact you have to play out of position for post-flop. Playing out of position simply means acting before your opponents. It’s considered a disadvantage as your opponents have the advantage of acting after you and seeing how you react before investing any chips or money. Continue reading