The five golden rules of success in online roulette

The internet is awash with websites to unlock the secret to roulette but the fact is that roulette is a game of chance. However, there are few things the high rollers do to boost those chances in online roulette.

1)   The best strategy is no strategy

Some punters are convinced that you should never hit the roulette tables without being armed with a strategy or system. There are countless websites offering ‘roulette computers with a 93% success rate’. The makers of these machines claim that these computers are able to calculate the rate of the wheel and ball.

However, the fact is that the efficacy of such contraptions is dubious at best. This is especially true of online gambling, with roulette from and other reputable online operators using random number generators to keep things clean and honest.

Some say that you can use randomness to your advantage. The theory is simple, if you lose, double your bet. If you win, halve it. For example, if you start with a £5 bet and you lose, bet £10 on the next hand. If you lose that one, then bet £20 next and so on.

The theory goes that by doubling your bet each time, you’ll eventually catch up and win. But when will you catch up? No one knows. Really, the best strategy is to just be sensible with your money. Besides, even the best strategy in the world cannot predict random numbers.

2)   Choose a reputable operator

Many people question whether online casinos are rigged, which is understandable considering that operators have so much power to basically do whatever they want out of the view of punters. With this in mind, we recommend that you only play at internet casinos with a good reputation, such as the aforementioned 32Red or Golden Tiger Casino. Such operators hold full licenses and are fully regulated by international gaming authorities and independent auditors.

3)   European Roulette gives you better odds

One way you will definitely improve your odds of winning is choosing French, or European roulette over the American version. This is because the US wheel has a few ‘0’s on the wheel which makes it harder for you and increases your disadvantage against the house. Whereas European and French roulette gives the house an edge of 2.7%, that advantage is almost doubled to 5.26% in the US version due to the presence of extra numbers.

4)   Stick to nearly even money bets

Betting on black and red, or odds and evens will further increase your chances of winning. In fact, these are just about the best odds in any online or offline casino. And while each single bet won’t offer you the best returns, this will give you staying power and it is where the smart money is.

5)   Know when to ‘walk away’

If you have £400 to bet and you lose it – walk away (or switch off your computer)! It is rarely wise to go back and try and win your money back.

Winning Progressive Jackpots – How to Increase Your Chances

Back around 2012, the thought process behind progressive jackpots was that they were impossible to hit. It was about the equivalent to winning the lottery, because the overall chances were extremely high. If you were lucky enough to win the progressive jackpot, you probably had to play the maximum bet in order to receive the total winnings.

Most casinos still utilize this approach today, even online casinos. However, it is much easier to hit a progressive jackpot, and you don’t have to play the maximum credits. Keep in mind, there is no guarantee you will hit one, but never hurts to increase your chances.

Quick Time

Smaller Bets

Let’s say you’re playing one of the Netbetcasino Jackpots like Quick Time. Sure, it would be nice to hit a £15,000 winner, but how many maximum bet spins are you going to have to place in order to “maybe” hit it. Since it’s more likely that you will not, we don’t suggest playing the high amounts per spin.

Instead, consider dropping your bet down to a two or three bet per line. Even though there might not be a big difference between .50 cents and £1.00 in the real world, it can make a huge difference in the gambling world. After all, just by taking this approach, you are increasing your spins by an additional 100.

The Myth: True or False?

We’ve never really researched this enough to have a clear and concise answer, but some gamblers believe smaller bets means a better chance at hitting the progressive jackpot. In this case, it doesn’t have anything to do with additional spins, but more about how the machine pays out.

Over the years we’ve seen all kinds of different traits on a slot machine, which includes better payouts on smaller bets. Individuals with a “conspiracy theory” thought process might believe the maximum bets are there to recoup lost money, won by smaller increments. Our opinion is that this is most likely not the case, considering there are a host of regulations and rules a casino has to consider when offering slot machines as a gambling choice. Continue reading

Let Karamba Kickstart New Gambling Fun Today

We’re huge slot game fans, for a wide variety of reasons. Simply put, slots are easy to learn, even easier to master, and extra extra easy to win on! It’s that last part that pretty much guarantees that we will always look at slot games, even when everyone else has moved into other games. Not sure which game to check out next? We could give you one suggestion over another, but that really isn’t our style. If you want a casino that’s going to give you new chances to win money, along with new slot games to play, you have to check out Not only does Karamba have all of the games we listed below, they have even more games to check out. This is great because you multiply your chances to win, and you also get to play some really fun games and pass the time away in style!

1. Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzos Quest slot

Gold, intrigue, and adventure: the three temptations of the Spanish conquistadors of old. If you’re looking for a new slot game to play, you might have a need for adventure yourself! Check out Gonzo’s Quest, a colorful slot game that features a big jackpot, tons of paylines, and symbols that expand outward to cover the entire reel! This gives you a chance to make more money per spin than without this feature. In the game, make sure that you keep an eye out for the symbol of a face with large earrings. That symbol will trigger the biggest prize payout in the game, a full 2,500 coins! You have to get 5 of those symbols to show up on a line, however. That’s where the challenge lies!

2. Serengeti Diamonds

Serengeti Diamonds slot

This slot game doesn’t have over the top graphics, but it does have plenty of features that can put extra money in your pocket! This is a 25 line slot with big multipliers, giving you high prizes without requiring a high number of spins. Free spins are part of the deal with 10 free spins being the most common addition. The free spins are able to be triggered again and again, but it will take a little luck to make this happen. The main symbol of this game is the Diamond. The diamond symbol serves as a scatter, and it appears on every line in the game. You have to hit five diamonds in order to enter the bonus round where you can get free spins. The gameplay was fast paced enough when we checked out this slot game, so we think you’ll like it.

3. Cubis

Cubis slot

Cubis is a 15 line slot game, which means that it’s a little older than a lot of the newer 25 and even 50 line games. We liked Cubis because it’s a very straightforward, interesting slot game. Simplicity can be a good thing sometimes! The goal in Cubis is to have the same cube colors line up on the reels. The more symbols that are alike, the better. You can play Cubis as much as you want, since you have the ability to adjust your bets between spins.

Of course, we can’t expect you to check out these lovely games if you don’t have a casino to play at.  Great casinos can help you pass away the time form the comfort of your own home, and Karamba is no different in this regard. Log on to their site and check it out — you won’t know how much you can win until you check things out on your own!

How to play casino games in a mobile casino?

It is not at all difficult to play casino games in a mobile gaming venue. As already noted, with the help of wireless networks, you can play games virtually anywhere. So, the first thing that you need to do is open the Internet browser of your mobile device, regardless of whether it is a smartphone or a tablet computer such as an iPad, and go to the mobile casino website. You might choose either a specialised mobile casino, or a regular online casino which has a mobile gaming section. I like playing mobile casino games at Vipclubcasino where you will have a great selection of games to choose from. There you will find instructions that will guide you how to play casino games on your mobile device, depending on the platform.

mobile casino

Do I have to download anything?

In some mobile casinos, you will be required to download the casino software or an app, whereas in others you will be able to play without downloading anything; there are also some mobile casinos offering both the download and no-download option to their customers. It is of course up to you to decide which option you prefer, however, if you don’t want to download anything, make sure that this option is available at the mobile casino you have chosen, prior to setting up an account.

How do I set up an account?

As a rule, it is quite easy to set up an account in a mobile casino. You only need to go to the casino registration page and follow the registration steps. You would have to provide some personal and contact information as well as bank account details. In some mobile casinos you might also be required to make a deposit. In any case, make sure that you have read and understood the privacy policy as well as the terms and conditions applicable at the casino of your choice before you actually set up an account there.

How to play casino games for free?

If you are wondering how to play casino games for free, simply go to the mobile casino website of your choice. Most online and mobile casinos nowadays offer a practice mode for some or all of the casino games, which actually is one of the main advantages associated with playing online. You may choose to play for free because you are strapped for cash, or because you want to see if you will enjoy a particular game before you start betting on it. Yet, keep in mind that in some mobile casinos, you might still need to set up an account and/or download the mobile casino software before you are able to take advantage of the free gaming option.

What happens if I lose my Internet connection?

With today’s advanced technologies, losing your Internet connection while playing is a relatively rare occurrence. Nevertheless, if it happens, there are two main possibilities. If your bet is resolved during the loss of your Internet connection, your credit balance will be updated accordingly. Then, if the bet is not resolved, you will most probably be presented with it the next time you play.

Slot machine myths exposed

There are myths surrounding every type of casino games and the slot machines are no exception. There are some myths about the slot machines that are so far out that you know right away that they are incorrect. However, some of the myths seem like they could be true. This is why you need to make sure that you are informed on the more common myths. When you set out to play the slot machines you want to know that you are playing in an educated and well informed manner. This will increase your chances of being satisfied with the results.

One of the more popular myths about the slot machines is that you can tell when they are getting ready to hit. However, this used to be somewhat true in the first days of the slot machines. But, since that time technology has come a long way. The slot machines of today are run with the use of random number generators. The RNG’s ensure that the slot machines hit completely at random. The online slot machines are also run with the use of Random Number Generators.

slot myths

One of the myths that some people believe is that you should change things while you are playing if you aren’t seeing good results and that will help the better results to come. One example of this is to press the bet button again to reset them. Another one is to switch up your pattern on how fast and slow you hit the spin button in between spins. However, none of this will work and it is all a myth.

A myth that is believed by quite a few people is in regards to the bets. There are many players that think they will only see good wins and get good combinations by betting the max. The only reason why a player will see better wins is because betting the max will take the players to the highest payouts. Also, most of the progressive jackpot games require a player to bet the max if they are to have a chance at the progressive jackpot.

Before you play the slots you want to be sure you don’t go into it believing myths. This way, you will know exactly what to expect and won’t end up being disappointed. One way you can go about educating yourself on the true facts of playing the slot machines is to read slots articles found online.

Online Roulette Deposit Methods

When making a deposit at an online casino to play online roulette, make sure that you find a deposit method that is available from your geographic location as not all deposit methods are available worldwide. Furthermore, it is useful to find a deposit method that allows you to make deposits in your currency of choice.

A general rule to follow when utilising online payment methods is to always make sure to read the small print before you make a deposit and ensure that you are aware of any fees and charges associated with the deposit method. Luckily, for online casinos they absorb any of these charges, so you can forget about worrying about these inconveniences that are associated with other online purchases. Finally, it is worth checking whether you can make withdrawals with the deposit method or if you will need to use a separate method for cashing out your winnings. Typically this is not an issue as the majority of online casinos will allow you to withdraw using the same payment method that used to deposit.

At we have listed only the safest and most secure online casinos that have had a proven track record with payment processing. Furthermore, the casinos we have highlighted in other articles on this site typically accommodate nearly all types of payment types.

Deposit Methods


PayPal is an online deposit method that allows you to transfer money between your PayPal account and your casino account. It is not widely accepted by online casinos, but it is a safe and convenient method when available.

Master Card/Credit Cards

Credit cards are one of the most popular deposit methods for their convenience and availability. Almost all online casinos accept credit card payments. It is important to make sure to play at a secure casino if you plan to make credit card deposits.


NETeller is a popular and globally accessible online wallet that can be used to deposit and withdraw money to and from online casinos. It can be funded by a large range of payment methods and it is available in multiple currencies and on almost all online casinos. Continue reading

All you need to know about Craps

Many people seem to think that Craps is a difficult game to learn, but in reality, its rather easy once you have read through and understand the rules. The rules are pretty straight-forward and include things such as: When you are the Shooter, you must handle the dice with only one hand. You have to make sure that the dice hit the walls at the other end or your roll doesn’t count. Another thing that you should know is that the Craps Table can usually fit up to 20 players at a time, and each of those players are offered the chance to be Shooter. This is one of the things that makes craps such a rowdy game since at any time there can be up to 19 people betting on 1 shooter’s rolls making for an exciting atmosphere.

How To Play Craps

To play craps, you start by purchasing chips which can be done by placing your cash on the table, a man in the middle of the table will exchange your cash for chips under the supervision of the boxman. Once you have received your chips you are allowed to being wagering right away but this is where you are going to want to know what is going on at the craps table before you start placing bets. Basically craps is a game where players bet on the outcome of two dice with different number combinations and bets available to players. There are specific numbers known as points at the top of the table, and when a shooter rolls these the point is “on” and will remain on until the player re-rolls that number or rolls a 7 “craps”, whichever comes first and then the round restarts with a new shooter.

So let’s say you walk up to a craps table that is just starting out, the shooter will be chosen and then it will rotate from left to right through all the players at the table, however you can decline to be the shooter if you wish. Once everyone has made their bets, the shooter will do what is known as the “come out roll” (a roll when no point is on) to establish a point for that particular round. Once the point has been established, the shooter will continue rolling until they hit a 7 or re-roll the point which was determined on the come out roll. If the shooter rolls a 7, the round is over and the next shooter begins the same process. If the shooter hits the point, the round restarts but the shooter remains the same until they hit 7.

Betting In Craps

Now that we know how a basic game of craps runs, it’s time to take a look at the betting that’s involved in the game as there are a ton of bets that can be made. It’s important to note that in craps players can be for or against the shooter so you can basically bet on any outcome that may occur at the table. Below we have summarize the bets in a craps game.

Pass Line – The pass line bet is a bet that can only be made when the point is off and the shooter is making the come out roll.  If the shooter rolls a 7 or 11, you will win even money on the bet and if they shoot 2, 3 or 12 you will lose the bet.  Numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 are all the point numbers and if one of these is rolled, the shooter will continue rolling until they hit the point or a 7.  If they hit the point you win even money, if it’s a 7 you lose.

Don’t Pass Line – The opposite of the pass line bet, with the don’t pass line you are betting against the shooter. If the come out roll is 2, 3 or 12 you win even money, if it’s a 7 or 11 you lose the bet. Once the point is established you are betting that the shooter will run a craps 7 before re-rolling the point, if this happens you win even money and if the point is rolled before another 7 comes out from the shooter than you will lose this wager.

Odds Bet – Both the pass line and do not pass line bets offer what’s known as an odds bet whereby the player can multiple their original wager by 1-100x (depending on the casino) as an additional side bet on the pass line or do not pass line. This bet pays even money and is a great bet to take especially when an easy point to roll comes up like 6 or 8. If you take the odds on the pass line, you are betting that point will be rolled before a 7. If you take the odds on the do not pass line you are betting on a 7 coming before the point is re-rolled.

Field Bet – One of the most prominent bets in craps which are displayed directly in the center of the table.  With the field bet, you are only betting on the next roll contrary to some other bets that stay until certain numbers occur. When you place a bet on the field you are betting that the next roll will be a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12. All of these bets pay out even money accept if a 2 or a 12 is rolled by the shooter in which case you are paid 2:1.

Come Bet – The come bet may be placed after the point has been established and is placed in the middle of the table. On the next roll after you place a come bet if the result is a 7 or 11 you win and if it’s 2, 3 or 12 you lose. If the next roll is none of those numbers, whichever number comes up will become your new point and you will win as long as that point is rolled again during game play before another 7 is rolled. For example, say the point is presently 8 and the next roll brings a total of 6 and you played £50 on the come. Your £50 bet will now be moved to point 6 and to win another 6 must come before a 7.

Place Bet – A place bet is when the player bets directly on one of the points on the board being any of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 and you are betting that this is rolled before a 7.  Payouts vary since the odds for some numbers are different. Place bets on 6 and 8 pay 7:6, bets on 5 and 9 pay 7:5 and bets on 4 and 10 pay 9:5 if rolled before the shooter hits a 7.

Place Bet To Lose – The opposite of a place bet, you are betting that the shooter rolls a 7 before re-rolling the point. Once again the odds change because some numbers are more likely to come up than others. Place bet to lose on 6 and 8 pays 4:5, bets on 5 and 9 pays 5:8 and place bet to lose on 4 and 10 pays 5:11. The reason these payout under 1:1 is because it’s almost like being the house and these bets have a high likelihood of winning.

Buy Bet – A buy bet in craps is like the place bet however using a buy bet gives you better odds if you hit the number before rolling a 7. Keep in mind that buy bets have a commission of 5% since they offer increased payouts for winning wagers. On buy bets you will receive 23:21 for 6 and 8, 29:21 for 5 and 9 and 39:21 for 4 and 10 if rolled before a 7.

Big 6 & 8 – The big six and eight bet in craps is the same as betting on the numbers 6 and 8 through a place bet but strangely this bet pays only even money while a place bet on the same numbers pays the player 6:5. Basically this is a complete suckers bet and you should absolutely never place this wager when playing craps since the place bet is much better.

Hard Ways – Betting on the hard ways in craps means that you are betting on doubles on the roll of the dice. The possible combinations for hard ways are 2-2, 3-3, 4-4 and 5-5 which when added are hard 4, hard 6, hard 8 and hard 10. The payouts for these bets are 9:1 for 6 and 8, 7:1 for 4 and 10 hard way bets, which are hard to win buy pay very well. If your feeling really lucky, you can take a shot at the dice coming 6-6 which pays out 30:1.

Craps Terms

If you are new to the game, some of the terms listed below will help you to understand what the players and table crew are talking about.

Boxcars – the number 12, two sixes.
Boxman – is the game supervisor.
Chips – The tokens that are used in place of money in bets.
Dealer – Handles the money as in paying off wins.
High Roller – A player with a large bankroll.
House – the casino.
Loaded Dice – Weighted Dice designed to cheat in craps.
Marker – a temporary loan of chips from the casino to the player.
Marker Puck – Round disk that marks the Point or that the Point is not set.
Natural – A term for a 7 or 11 rolled on the come out roll.
Pit Boss – This is the casino floor boss.
Shooter – the player rolling the dice.
Snake Eyes – Both dice showing a one.
Stickman – Calls the game and handles the Stick.

Craps Strategy

You will find several books and several experts out there, and all of them with different ideas on the best way to win at Craps. But when it comes right down to it, there isn’t really any strategy that will make you a winner each and every time, if there was, it wouldn’t be a game of chance. There are, however, safe bets that will usually win more than other bets on the table. The safest bets in Craps with the best odds are the Pass, Don’t Pass, Come and Don’t Come bets. These bets have the lowest house edge, therefore are more in favour of the player. Below is an example of the percentages that the best bets pay out:
Field Bets – 5.6%
Big 6 and Big 8 Bets – 9.1%
Horn Bet – 12.5%
Craps 2/12 – 13.9%
Any 7 – 16.7%

Online Craps

Online craps is at least as fun as playing it on a brick and mortar casino. Casinos are not always easy accessible for most people (far away etc..) while playing casino games online can be done from the comfort of your own home. “Comfort” you get from playing online together with other great perks such as depositing bonuses, makes online gaming a preferred method by most people. One of my favorite online casinos is Paddy Power. I would recommend you to visit Paddy Power, take advantage of the bonuses offered for new players and give online craps a chance!

5 3D Slots You Might Have Missed

There’s one word to describe 3D slots: stunning. From the graphics to all of the different mini-games involved, there’s plenty to do with these video slot games. The coin limits are flexible, which means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money if you don’t want to. But if you want to be a high roller, you can bet high. It’s completely up to you.

We work hard to cover as many slots as we can, but there are some that might have slipped between the cracks. Here’s five new 3D slots to check out.

1. The Slotfather 3D

The Slotfather 3D

We’ve covered this one before but it’s truly a “staff favorite”. There’s something just fun about the Mafia themed slots. If you like gangster-themed slots, then this is definitely one to check out. The graphics are incredibly crisp, and you have tons of action going on. It’s very entertaining, because there’s always something happening. You’ve got big cases of money, goofy looking gangsters, and lots of surprises. A Sneaky Instant Win can be triggered if you see Sammy Quickfingers the Thief. Then there’s those Multiplier Mob free spins, which keeps giving you chances at big money. There are two bonus games attached to this slot game. Wilds and scatters come into play, because if you get Underboss scatter symbols to line up just right, you get 500 credits. If you’re doing a max bet, that can lead to quite a bit of money.

This is a 5 reel, 30 payline slot that is definitely worth playing, even if you don’t normally do a lot of slot games.

2. Mad Scientist 3D

Mad Scientist 3D

This is a five reel, 20 payline slot. The graphics are what you would expect from a 3D slot. If you get any lag at the beginning, let the game fully load. The 3D slots tend to be a bit more demanding on a computer than other slots. But the full color and sound experience is worth it, in our opinion.

Don’t worry, the music only comes on when you win. So if you think about it, music is a very good thing. The Mad Scientist slot is all in good fun, with a perfect cartoony scientist and plenty of symbols that go along with the theme. You have microscopes, gauges, long formulas and equations, and test tubes. After all, what’s a laboratory without test tubes, right?

The top combination pays 5000 times your bet. Yes, that’s right: 5000 times. That’s an incredible payout that shouldn’t be ignored. Then there’s a bonus game that can give you an instant win if you win the bonus game the right way. You have wilds and scatters, including a feature that can turn random symbols on the board into wilds. Just how much would your payout be if you could make that happen? We’ll let you dream as long as you want, but you’d be better off playing the game.

3. Enchanted

Enchanted 3D slots

This is a 5 reel, 30 payline slot that has a lot of neat features. We’ve written about Enchanted 3D before, but this is a slot that deserves to be mentioned again. The fairytale theme might be overdone a bit, but the 3D aspect makes it worth it. You have magical creatures, fairies, witch’s books, wizards, and even monstrous ogres.  If you want the biggest prizes, you need to go for the max bet every time that you spin. If you play all 30 lines, you’ll have access to the bonus features. But if you play the single line, you can still stretch your money and have fun too.

The top combination would be five wizards, and it pays out 5000 credits. You have four different bonus features with this game, which gives you four chances to win serious money. You also have wilds and scatters that can help you make even more money. This is a generous slot that will let you trigger free spins over and over again. Continue reading